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How will your company cope if it’s hit by travel chaos Rail technology Strike next month? Businesses across the UK are preparing for the national rail strike, which starts on April 6. The National Union of Rail technology, Maritime and Transportation Workers (RMT) and the Rail technology Strike technology  Association of Salried Transportation Personnel (TSSA) are planning a four-day strike over a dispute over work practices and job losses. Gordon Brown is calling for more dialogue between unions and employers, and Rail technology Strike technology  Downing Street says the prime minister hopes discussions in Acas’ mediation service will lead to a decision and prevent a technology hub

Rail Strike

Rail Strike

Rail technology employers and technology

The unions say they are still available for further talks, Rail technology Strike technology  but; a meeting earlier this week between Network Rail technology(NR) and RMT and TSSA has not reached an agreement. The strike was called as railway employers planned Rail technology Strike technology  to cut 1,500 jobs and change working methods; to allow for more maintenance and repairs at night and on weekends. The unions say the changes; will have an adverse effect on Rail technology safety. It was initially feared that the strike Rail technology Strike technology  would be invoked during; the Easter holidays, but the unions have deliberately avoided it so that public travel plans are not interrupted; by the bank holiday.

Operations and Rail technology Strike

Robin Gisby, Network Rail’s director of operations and Rail technology Strike technology  customer; service, says contingency plans are well advanced and aim to preserve as many trains as possible; during the strike. However, a national Rail technology strike will have serious consequences for transport; services; and for British business. Businesses and employers will now have to bear the brunt of the; union action; as commuter chaos is likely to unleash just as their staff returns to work Rail  Strike technology  after the Easter break. Add to that the ongoing problems with employee relations at British Airways, which are disrupting; the plans of those who have to fly to keep their businesses running, Rail Strike technology  and you have a recipe for business; disaster.

Strategic implementation

So how do you keep your business going; when you; and Rail technology Strike technology  your staff can’t go to the office? Through careful planning and preparation and of course; through; strategic implementation of the latest online technology. Software such as a service; (SaaS) or cloud; computing solution could be the answer you are looking for. With the latest online; technology, homework is now a real option for most of us as it can make the time you spend there much; more; productive. Some Rail Strike technology  SaaS services can be expensive, but if you shop around you will Rail technology Strike technology  find something; affordable with all the features you need.

Management system of Rail technology 

The best SaaS providers offer you many useful online features such Rail technology Strike technology  as document management, timesheets, project planning and resource management, and business intelligence reporting. After you set up your SaaS service, you can access Rail technology Strike technology  it from home, from your office, from your clients’ offices, from hotel rooms, wherever you are. Forget the hassle of storing your files and folders on your corporate network, which connects you to a single geographic Rail technology Strike technology  location. With a SaaS service, you can organize, home, in the office or on the road.

Virtual office and Rail technology 

I now even use it at home to make this item. Think of it as a Rail technology Strike technology  complete virtual office that you can use anytime, commuting isn’t an option for you. Transportation issues aren’t the only reason you should consider offering homework to your staff. Should Rail technology Strike technology  you stay home if your babysitter is sick? No problem. Do you want to work quietly alone, away from the distractions of a busy office? Stay at home and work in peace Rail Strike technology  with SaaS.

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