How About Having Our High Speed Rail Technology

Clearly, if the United States sets up High Speed rail  technology, it must also be aware

of potential terrorism, because that will be a goal. When Jeb Bush was governor

of Florida, he actually realized that after 9/11, this could be a challenge if Florida

installed high-speed rail  technology. This was one of several reasons, including cost,

for Jeb Bush canceling the high-speed rail  technology project at the time. Okay,

fast forward to today and we have the same challenges, let’s go ahead and talk about it.

In California, they are planning a giant high-speed train project and therefore need

air surveillance. It will cost money to have eyes in the sky. It will not be easy to keep

up with a high-speed rail  technology that requires a more sophisticated aircraft than the typical

aircraft currently used by the California Highway Patrol. Now it makes sense to use

unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs for this purpose as they can serve as eyes against

the sky. Perhaps these UAVs can be started from the top of the rail  technology as the speed increases.

As the rail  technology approaches 80-100 knots, UAVs can fly, therefore it does not need a long

runway and we will not have to build airport facilities near these high speed rail  technology n depots.

International Space Station

UAVs can fly over the high-speed rail  technology in search of potential threats. Because the train

will start the UAV, it will have a slightly longer range because it does not have to use

all that energy to start. In many respects we kill two birds in one stone. UAVs at the

end of the day can land on a very short runway using a stop wire similar to that used

on an aircraft carrier, but on a much smaller scale.

Or another option would be to have a robotic arm on the rail  technology itself that rises, and

when the train starts to break below 100 miles per hour, the UAV can fly into the arm

that catches it. UAVs’ technology is such that they can already refuel in the air, so this

will not be a technological challenge, we can do it now. You see, this is very similar to

how the International Space Station assembles the Souza or Space capsule that brings new supplies.

While all of this sounds very elegant, it is quite simple and completely feasible.

Does that mean we have to redesign the rail  technology? Well, if we are to do something like

this, we need to get ahead of the game and consider technique before we begin.

A retractable arm that starts and catches the UAV must be designed in such a way

that it fits the flush when not extended and does not withstand the aerodynamic ball rail  technology as it reaches maximum speed.

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