More High Speed Rail Technology for Transportation Would Be Nice

It would be nice to have more high-speed rail technology to move people and goods

faster, unfortunately not something I think the government would trust,

as everything they do regarding transport seems to be a complete economic disaster.

So Private enterprise is the only answer to high-speed rail technology transportation systems

in this nation. The government cannot be trusted to address these needs. Does a high-speed rail technology system make sense?

So Yes, of course it makes sense, but the problem is that people do not want

to get out of their cars, and these trips often work at a loss. It must be an

effort from the private sector. You see, we cannot trust the government not

to screw up everything they do. Often in review, they appear to be completely

incompetent in any effort without exception. So And before you tell me, I’m wrong

I challenge you to mention “ONE” thing that the government does with “OUR”

taxpayers’ money; So that they are doing very well. I use the AMTRAK example in

this argument. The government must be a website that helps businesses and citizens.

We need to cut this ongoing pandemic from the masses of bureaucracy.

Speed rail technology Systems

So High-speed rail technology systems obviously make sense, and the weight and load efficiency

would be great, So the magnetic levitation, the airbag, or any new technology used

would be a gift. Let’s look at the disaster on I-95, So the tolls in New York. PA Toll Way,

NJ Turnpike only works well in the middle of the night, we need better transportation

systems, and high-speed rail technology can be that ticket.

Most people admit when asked, “People use alternative modes of transportation

if there are options, it’s easy to get somewhere, the cost is not astronomical, and they are clean and comfortable.”

So In fact, these points are well taken. In addition, So if people can travel stress-free on

the way to work, we will relieve stress and fear, then people will be more involved

and productive, and it will mean better efficiency in all aspects, which improves

business productivity and therefore efficiency of civilization as well. So And with the

high speed rail technology, this is only one aspect as So it would be nice to move the load at

higher speeds too, think about the benefits. So Fresher products on the shelves and

better health; So faster deliveries and above all total synergies for all, as everything

is bound to everything else in a civilization. Think about this in 2006.

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