Worldwide Rail

Reflections of Worldwide Rail Technology Journeys

As a certified travel agent Worldwide Rail technology, international aviation employee, researcher, author, teacher and photographer for four decades, travel, So whether for pleasure or business, has always been an important and integral part of my life. So About 400 trips to all parts of the world, by road, Rail technology, lake and air, involved

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Rail Inspection

Your Career in Rail Technology Inspection Training

Even in today’s faltering Rail Inspection, homes are bought, sold and built, so a career in rail technology in rail inspection is one that can be guaranteed to be consistent. A rail inspector has a great responsibility to potential rail buyers. Performing a thorough, honest and sincere job is essential to ensure that the investment

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Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Nilgiri Mountain Railway Coonoor is on the corner of the Nilgiri Plateau and is about 6,000 feet above sea level. Coonoor has been the terminal for Nilgiri for the last 8 years. So  The government extended Coonoor to Ootacamund, and this line began operating on September 15, 1908. This line is widely use and now

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Navigating A German Train Station

Navigating A German Train Station A Hauptbahnof is a cavernous German train station. Train travel is popular in Germany. Many passengers will rush in through the doors. Here are some tips for navigating the station to your comfortable train seat. Deutsche Bahn is the German national railway that not only manages 30,000 daily trains, but

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