Reflections of Worldwide Rail Technology Journeys

As a certified travel agent Worldwide Rail technology, international aviation employee, researcher, author, teacher and photographer for four decades, travel, So whether for pleasure or business,

has always been an important and integral part of my life. So About 400 trips to all parts

of the world, by road, Rail technology, lake and air, involved both worldly and exotic destinations.

This article focuses on my train journeys around the technology hub

So The first on the VIA Rail technology Canada’s Ocean between Montreal and Halifax, Nova Scotia,

stretched 1,346 kilometers. In parallel with the St. So Lawrence River and the Gaspe Peninsula,

it crossed the line between Quebec and New Brunswick. Across his Mariachi Basin,

the province’s geographic center, he traveled the tracks that cross Moncton and cross

the border into Nova Scotia. Bypassing the Bedford Basin, he closed the hole with Halifax and ended his two-day journey.

The second, this time on VIA Rail technology Canada’s Hudson Bay, was a three-day 1,697-mile

ride from Winnipeg to Churchill, considered the world’s polar bear capital.

One night out he saw a gradual ascent to the northwest, at Lake Manitoba and Lake Dauphin,

before taking an arc on a westbound lane and flying between Riding Mountain National

Park and Duck Mountain Provincial Park and arriving at Glenella minutes before midnight.

Accommodation, as with the other long-distance train rides, was in a private room,

and all meals described in leather-wrapped menus were delivered in the dining car.

One of these dinners included chicken and tarragon shitake cream of mushroom soup;

mixed greens with vinaigrette dressing and hot buns and butter; stuffed chicken breast

with apple and cranberry accompanied by champagne risotto, carrot strips and asparagus;

American Counterpart

Brownie drizzled with raspberry sauce; coffee; and chocolate coins.

Toronto’s illuminated skyscrapers, threatening forward like shiny, jeweled monoliths,

suddenly appeared in the distance in reverse order of those driven away at the start of the journey,

growing in size with each mile traveled. So Now crawling towards its eastern terminal

at Toronto’s Union Station on runway 7 under a clear, twinkling sky and 65-degree

temperatures right in front of the needle-thin CN Tower, So Canadians took off and barely

detectable movement. So The tower itself served as a physical and symbolic confirmation of the end of the journey.

A transcontinental American counterpart to the Canadian, So whether in the opposite

direction or to the west, So covering only two-thirds of the way, originated on the Amtrak

California Zephyr from Chicago to Emeryville (serving San Francisco), California.

Gliding across the vast plains of Nebraska on his 2,438-mile three-day voyage, he crossed

the Colorado State Line and approached So the majestic Rocky Mountains, parallel to

the meandering Colorado River and recovering through chiseled gorges, rust-red rocks.,

and originally small hills dotted with pine trees. So The Moffat Runnel over the Continental

Divide, 10 km long, So was the longest route and was 940 meters high.

Steam trains are also often included in these train journeys. So Highlights include the

Yosemite Sugar Pine Rail technology in California, the Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania,

the Cass Scenic Railroad in West Virginia.

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